Oh The Wonderment!

So I got a text early yesterday from my oh so wonderful hubby. He said he was excited about my anniversary/birthday gift. We texted back and forth and then I lost reception. He shows up with a pretty pink package


As I was opening it, it started to ring! He got me a brand new iPhone 4! AS IF! I’m so happy!

Today I got the first few pictures of AJ sitting… oh I love when my babies hit milestones!! How FUN!!



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Potty Talk

Yesterday I sent the kids out side while me and AJ did some cleaning. We were in my bedroom, putting away laundry when I heard a conversation outside.

The boys were sitting in a kiddie pool (empty of course hehe)

Curtis “No no, this is my potty.. that is your potty, Dustin”

Dustin “Oooh MINE!”

Curtis “I gotta poop!!!”

At this point I am peaking out the window and witness my child “pretending” to poop in the back yard. Then they start taking turns, very loud noises too!

I hope my neighbours realize they are just playing haha.

I love my boys!

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A Little Bit of Craziness!

So today I rushed to get AJ to the doctor. I am ALWAYS late. Atleast five mins, usually 10. Not to sure what my problem is! The Doctor was on time and we got in right away. After a quick look and a few questions he said it’s eczema. He gave me a prescription for a cortizone cream. He doesn’t reccomened using it often so I wont. I have heard some iffy things about it so I am just using it for a few days, 1 time a day.. just to get it under control. I have had some good success with Aveeno Eczema Moisturizing Cream, so I’ve been lathering that on. Hopefully it’s fully gone soon.

Today we had a playdate. Two moms came and brought 6 kids! We all had a really great time. 5 boys and 1 girl running around, 2 boys cooing, and 1 tiny baby sleeping. 9 kids for three moms. It kept us on our toes. It’s never a dull moment. I love watching the boys figure out how to share, and fight, and play. They are ever so creative and full of SO much testosterone. Miss Maddy was feeling alittle overwhelmed I think! However she is the older of two little brothers so soon her world will be a touch different. Nothing quite like the adventerous, dirty world of a boy!

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa as they will no longer be living with us. In their place will be Adam, a close friend of James. I really hope he can make that “suite” into something that works well for him. I’m even willing to give up my second microwave. This microwave is only up here because my black, built in one can’t pop microwavable popcorn, and I just can’t live with out it! I’ve decided I’ll just start having air popper popcorn. I think it will be better for me anyways hehe.

I think it’s time for me to cheer up my hubby. He’s having a bad night of video games…. I can see the word Defeat on his computer coming up much more often then I’m sure he would like!

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A Struggle…

My littlest son, AJ, is battling a losing battle with some sort of red bumpy rash. It’s taken over his face, and looks so incredibly sore.

AJ March 28 '11

I have done some searching and I think it might be eczema, however he has an appointment with the Dr. tomorrow morning. Thankfully while out shopping he slept the whole time so I kept a blanket over and no one noticed. I feel horrible for him! I am really hoping that we can get it under control fast! It is spready much to quickly.

We took the boys for a quick shopping trip, had quite alot of fun. Nothing more challenging then buying Easter candy while shopping, trying to keep it all secret! We did a pretty good job though! A bunch of Kinder Surprises are in hiding, waiting for an Easter egg hunt!

Tomorrow we have a playdate scheduled. 4 moms and 11 kids, might be more! Should be a lot of fun!

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Welcome To Me.

I’m back, yet again, into the blogging world. It’s time to share my stories. My days are never dull with three little boys keeping me on my toes.

I’m excited to be back in the blogging world and hopefully to stay for a while. I’m just getting set up so you’ll see lots of changes happening. Feel free to comment and leave a link to your blog so I can add you to my blogroll.

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