A Struggle…

My littlest son, AJ, is battling a losing battle with some sort of red bumpy rash. It’s taken over his face, and looks so incredibly sore.

AJ March 28 '11

I have done some searching and I think it might be eczema, however he has an appointment with the Dr. tomorrow morning. Thankfully while out shopping he slept the whole time so I kept a blanket over and no one noticed. I feel horrible for him! I am really hoping that we can get it under control fast! It is spready much to quickly.

We took the boys for a quick shopping trip, had quite alot of fun. Nothing more challenging then buying Easter candy while shopping, trying to keep it all secret! We did a pretty good job though! A bunch of Kinder Surprises are in hiding, waiting for an Easter egg hunt!

Tomorrow we have a playdate scheduled. 4 moms and 11 kids, might be more! Should be a lot of fun!


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