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Oh The Wonderment!

So I got a text early yesterday from my oh so wonderful hubby. He said he was excited about my anniversary/birthday gift. We texted back and forth and then I lost reception. He shows up with a pretty pink package


As I was opening it, it started to ring! He got me a brand new iPhone 4! AS IF! I’m so happy!

Today I got the first few pictures of AJ sitting… oh I love when my babies hit milestones!! How FUN!!



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Potty Talk

Yesterday I sent the kids out side while me and AJ did some cleaning. We were in my bedroom, putting away laundry when I heard a conversation outside.

The boys were sitting in a kiddie pool (empty of course hehe)

Curtis “No no, this is my potty.. that is your potty, Dustin”

Dustin “Oooh MINE!”

Curtis “I gotta poop!!!”

At this point I am peaking out the window and witness my child “pretending” to poop in the back yard. Then they start taking turns, very loud noises too!

I hope my neighbours realize they are just playing haha.

I love my boys!

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