A little bit of pink in a world of blue…

This is my place to be pink!

My name is Stephenie. I’m nearly 26 years old and a mother to three beautiful little boys. I’m currently married to my highschool sweet heart, James. I’m a stay at mom which is not only exhausting, but alot of fun. My days are filled with smiles, giggles, screams, and cries. I work every Saturday at a local baby boutique… and I feel privileged to. I enjoy my time at home, and I enjoy my time alone.

In April of ’04. I married my highschool sweet heart. We instantly fell in love and our story began when we were so very young. A few years later, in Jan of ’07 we became parents to a creative and crazy little boy named Curtis. He brought us so much joy and our lives were changed! Shortly after his arrival, we welcomed Dustin into our family, Jan ’09. He was and still is a very big handful. He has a temper like no other (well like Daddy really hehe) and knows exactly what he wants. He’s also sweet and charming. In Sept ’10 AJ was born. AJ is the most laid back, calm baby ever. He loves watching his big brothers play, and will do so for hours. He’s chatty and smiley. We quickly became a family of five. We are so amazingly blessed to have these crazy little boys be apart of our lives. We feel honored to be their Daddy and Mommy.


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